Monday, May 9, 2011

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2011

I experienced the New Orleans Jazz Festival for the first time this weekend.  There were a number of great artists performing including Jimmy Buffet.  There was a huge variety of Cajun foods to choose from and there were also a number of different types of vendors that were selling souvenirs.  Although the crowds were large,  it seemed that everyone was there to have fun and not cause any problems.  This was a very fun event and I will try to make it an annual experience.

Jazz Fest 2011

USM Geography

I am a geography major at USM.  Geography is a very interesting field and there is a  broad range of job opportunities for individuals who earn this degree.  Geography is the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere.  Geography also studies human activity as it affects and is affected by the earth and atmosphere.  Jobs that one may find in this field may include city planners, types of land management, and many others.  The USM geography department is filled with very good professors and they make learning the material involved in this major very interesting.

 USM geography

Sigma Chi Fraternity

I am a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity at USM.  By joining this fraternity, I have gained many life long friends and memories.  Being a member in such great national fraternity also presents many other opportunities in terms of potential job positions and other connections in life.  Sigma Chi supports the Children's Miracle Network by having a fund raiser known as derby days.  Derby Days is a week long event in which other fraternities and sororities pay money to participate in our philanthropy.

Sigma Chi Fraternity

USM Basketball

The men's basketball team of USM is on the rise.  We had a winning season last year and have some very good recruits coming in for the 2011-2012 season.  I have started attending the home games regularly and am very excited about next season.  The home games take place at Reed Green Coliseum and there is usually a large number of fans in attendance.  They give away prizes and have contests at halftime where the winners can win free dinners.  The concession stand offers a variety of foods and you can even swipe your student ID to purchase your food.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

LIS blog

The first thing that entered my mind while walking through the centennial display of the University of Southern Mississippi was the amount of change that has taken place over the years.  In 1910, the University was founded.  The display shows pictures taken around this time and it is amazing to see just how little was around Hattiesburg at this point in time.  The University was first a teachers college and named Mississippi Normal college.  The display has many old relics that are extremely interesting and also display the change that has occurred very well.  Although the room where all of the University’s history is displayed is not very large, the people who set up the exhibit did an excellent job of showing the progression of the Campus.  As I walked through and read all of the captions it really made me appreciate how far this place has come.